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Our mission?

helping impact founders getting faster to markt traction

Airborn is a collective of impact-driven angel investors providing the capital, knowhow & network to accelerate planet-first ventures. We exist to help impact founders reach market traction faster & support them on their journey to solve some of today's biggest societal challenges. We typically invest in pre-seed and seed stage with a ticket size of €100k- €250k and bring on average 100h of support on top.

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we're a growing group of

impact entrepreneurs & startup coaches with complementary skills & backgrounds

Manu Vollens

Georges Lieben

Marjanne Sevenant

Gil Dumarey

Henri Jacobs

Hans Mathieu

Joris Totté

Vincent Haspeslagh

Mike De Veylder

in a nutshell we


From seasoned startup mentors, and impact founders who did it before to operational support with your first sales & hiring, we’ve got your back


You can’t build a legacy by just talking about it. We get that. We collectively invest in the earliest stages because finding funding shouldn’t be your primary focus.


In the end people buy from people and opening the right doors can be difficult. We pay forward our network to reach product-market-fit faster & more focused

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